Friday, April 15, 2011

The Hard Part About Blogging

Okay, it's been like seven months since my last blog post. In that time not so much has happened besides school and work. Basically I'm getting burned out with the former and having serious fun with the latter.

Burn-out with school isn't much of a surprise given that I've been going to school pretty much non-stop since January 2004; in that time I've completed my BA and MS and have gone part-way towards an Ed.D. I've lately begun to question continuing to work towards a doctorate. Of necessity I've been taking classes through an online university. Lately though I've been questioning how effective online learning is for someone like me.

Though close acquaintances might say, if asked politely, that I'm generally reclusive, preferring my own company to being around others, the opposite is true, at least in the educational sense. I think I thrive in environments where the exchange of ideas happens in high-fidelity through real-time social interaction. I don't get much of it either in my online studies.

Anyway, I'm presently trying to make sense of how I might add a little more hi-fi social interaction in my distance learning studies. Going forwards that's where I think this blog is going.

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