Monday, July 18, 2011

Crash Project

Welcome back to my on again (mostly) off again blog.

Last week was hectic but very enjoyable. A peer retired the other day, leaving me with some unfinished business: a four day instructor-led course on intellectual property compliance; the course was due to be taught for the first time at the end of this month and was in need of a little more work. Though I lacked a deep knowledge of the subject matter I was able to edit several of the lessons and connected with the customer on several levels/occasions to make their deadline. The deliverables on CDROM were picked up only a moment ago.

What made it possible for me to come through on short notice? My customer service and project management skills made it happen. My former peer had done a good job with the instructional design. What I needed to do was be able to facilitate a post-pilot review/edit cycle, publish and deploy.

There were a couple-three more review/edit cycles more than I'd like to have. I think this was due less to project creep than the need for the crash-nature of the project. It was fun, heady almost, zooming from one task to the next.

Next on my plate: two online courses. Both on diversity in the workplace. Sweet.

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