Saturday, February 21, 2015

High-Speed Reflections


Mrs and me have been married going on 24 years. One would think life partners would know everything there is to know about each other in that time. In my case, you'd be mistaken.

Photograph of graffiti on a wall with a windmill in the background


Somewhere near Weatherford, Texas driving along Interstate 30 at 75 mph something Mrs said as we were leaving Abilene struck a chord. I'd mentioned this cool job (for her) that I saw in an email. There was a pause as she absorbed the information. She told me how she would perform the tasks required by the position.


My initial thoughts were that she was jumping the gun a bit. She should be thinking of how she might apply for it. Later on, in the just before dawn darkness, I realized that this must be how Mrs orders thoughts in her mind. Many of the conversations Mrs and I have had over the years started like this. It's in my nature to start doing early. Mrs likes to think about doing before she commits to action.


So, where does this leave me? I think it offers me the chance to think a little deeper about the learning experiences I design. Typically they begin with a story to set the stage. I learned some time ago about how learning styles are a myth. But do people have doing styles? Do we have habits that frame how we respond to stories, case studies, and simulations?


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