Thursday, July 2, 2015

Bumpy, Nests, and Bests


I have this Honda Pilot. It’s got all-wheel-drive. I go off road, the beaten path I call it, when I can. Yesterday I could. So I did.


I was on my way home from Long Beach, California to Phoenix, Arizona. A little past Chiriaco Summit I left Interstate 10 to follow an old jeep trail that roughly paralleled a string of high tension lines.

Now and then I’d stop to stretch my legs and think. About whatever. This is a wonderful time for me: out in the open, no distractions, just the burning summer desert sun and a hot breeze blowing through the cottonwoods.

It’s during times like this that I make connections. With what? Stuff. Like something I heard Scott McLeod say during NotAtISTE15 about “routine cognitive work” which led me to his blog. And an HBR (Harvard Business Review) article (thank you Lesley Price for putting it in front of me) on neglected workplace activities like learning. The part about the 70-20-10 learning rule was particularly illuminating. Turns out the science behind it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.


Did I come up with anything? What did I connect?

Distractions. I need more of ‘em. Especially when I think things make sense without me expending much effort. I probably missed something (major?) along the way.

There’s a couple-three-four PD (professional development) opportuntities coming up I’d like to participate in: EdCampLdr, EdCampGlobal (online), EdCampHOT, and CueRockstar Las Vegas. I’m going to try my best to make it to all of them because they’re distracting. They’re humdrum-less.


I’m going to go Periscopey during one or more of these upcoming PD gatherings. I’m going to do this with the fervent hope that I distract someone enough that they’ll go off the beaten track and maybe, just maybe, discover something (major?). At least until my iPhone's battery gives out. If you don’t have the Periscope app as yet..

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