Friday, September 25, 2015

Prototyping Guild Chat


I have an unscheduled trip later today. Two of my kids, Carly my grand daughter, and I are going to California. There's been a death in the family and we need to visit my sister. I don't want to miss tomorrow's Guild Chat so I prototyped what I'd share. In case I can't make it the prototype can be my input. If it turns out I can make the chat then the prototype was good reflection.


Plotagon is this 3D animation app available for iOS, Mac, and Windows. If you can type you can make cool 3D animation.

Collage of images showing the Plotagon user interface

As shown in the screen captures above Plotagon's interface has two areas: scripts and scenes. I first chose the scene and characters I wanted in my plot. Next I typed what I wanted the characters to say and do.

When it's all done I click Share (button not shown) and add some hashtags to make finding it easier.


Plotagon is an amazing app. It makes storytelling with animation easy and engaging. Here's the Guild Chat prototype.



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