Friday, June 24, 2016

Be, Still


I almost corrected Austin Kleon yesterday.


I'm at iPadPalooza in Austin. Yesterday I got to listen to Austin's keynote (recorded 6/23/16 at ~ 3:30 pm). Afterwards I got him to autograph my iPad. He drew over a screen capture of something I found poignant in "Show Your Work", one of his books.

Austin Kleon autograph over a thought from his book Show Your Work

I was shocked, okay, maybe that's too strong. But I was definitely surprised when he picked the Fill tool in Paper by 53 to do the autographing. Almost every bit of it he drew using the tool, except for the orange parts. As he was drawing the fingers I wanted to point out how the Pen tool was more appropriate for autographing.


Luckily I stopped myself before blurting out, "For the love of God man, the Pen tool is much more appropriate for autographing." My next thought, once I steeled myself to silence, was that this is what he meant by taking something from others (stealing) and making it yours.

Image drawn with the Fill tool in Paper by 54

So here's the very first thing I drew using only the Fill tool. It reminds me of someone, just out of the bath, checking their nails. Behind them is their significant other watching them check their nails.


I need to make this change in my life. I've been dreaming about it for a while, wondering just how to do it, to get started. Thank you Austin for making it obvious how.


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