Monday, April 6, 2015

Class Act


#AprilBlogaDay Day 6 is about an awe inspiring moment in the classroom today.


I design training for adult learners. I don't get in the classroom much anymore unfortunately. Earlier today I was working with other designers on a project. My piece was coming up with instructional methods to help with engagement.

Concept map sketch



I'll just say it: I can't draw. This morning @ChristyCate inspired me and reminded me of something. If I don't act now, when? Let me say it a little differently. If I don't act, then?


So I acted and drew. I have to remember that the best way for me to design engaging learning experiences is to really engage in the process. I need to be fearless, ask for help, and stretch. I like to think I'm always learning. So today in my social learning classroom I was inspired.


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