Sunday, April 19, 2015

Tech Yes


AprilBlogaDay Day 19.. Teach tech? Tech yes.


I've seen technology evolve over the last 50 years. One thing that hasn't evolved with it is teaching how to use and respect it.

Screen capture of a simulated HP-41C calculator

My first calculator was a slide rule. It was quite the experience learning how to use the C and D scales. Keeping track of powers of 10 was no fun either. Then there were the physical and environmental consideration. It was made of bamboo and was highly intolerant of moisture. Until I could afford my first HP the slide rule was IT.


Each of my three kids had to buy a TI graphing calculator. No wait. I had to buy it for them. This was crazy given that they were expensive AND we already own iPhone apps that did what the TIs did and more.

Schools and teachers need to say YES to technology in their classrooms. If the don't learn how to use and apply technology in their lives where will they?

There's a disconnect when students and teachers could be connected to a degree never before seen in history. All it takes is to say yes, let's give it a chance.

Teaching how to use technology should be grounded in practicality. It should be anchored to what students do. Students can, I am sure, come up with novel ways to run with it once they get the basics.


Say Tech Yes.



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