Friday, April 3, 2015

Tool Time


I'm on my fifth career. I launched career number two, electronics engineering, whilst serving in the US Navy in the 1970s. It had its own language and tools. For something like 16 years in the military and after, I was deft keeping complex systems up and running. I have quite a few sea stories from that age that I share from time to time.

Photo of an old toolbox and its contents


Solder suckers, screwdrivers, and dice were some of the tools I had in that long ago toolbox. These days my toolbox looks a lot different. It surprises me how much my work continues to involve technology.

I love learning about and using new tools. One of them is this blog. Sharing thoughts about my craft serves several purposes. I get to practice and improve my writing skills. Blogging is deep journaling; it's cool how it helps me reflect. It also helps me connect with other educators.

A few hours ago I heard about #AprilBlogAday on Twitter. So yea! More practice time.


I'm at work nine hours a day. Family and personal time averages five to six hours per day. Rest periods eat up most of the remaining hours. I have time to blog. So why don't I blog more and regularly?

I have stuff to share. I think I have too much actually. The problem, if I can all it that, is they're incomplete thoughts. While I am intensely focused in my work my attention is a little more diffuse on other stuff. One thing that occupies more and more of my free time is the Joe Zombie effect. That's what I call learner disengagement, the result of ineffectual teaching and learning strategies.


I'm not nearly done with my research. Should I blog as I go or wait until I have a more complete picture? Maybe I'll have a clear idea by the end of the month.



  1. Yes, Urbie,
    Blog away! Those in the #AprilBlogADay will be able to watch you grow as a blogger! And that we will certainly do.

    I recently looked back on my first blog posts, searching for an artifact. I found it, and enjoyed reflecting on the learning I've engaged in over the past five years.

    I look forward to this April journey!


  2. I'm with Denise Urbie - Blog as you go!