Thursday, April 9, 2015

Own It Don't Moan It


What would I say to my still wet behind the years self, just starting out in education? That’s the AprilBlogaDay Day 9 question.


If you fail, own it. If you didn’t learn it during your formative years here it is. I was reminded of it during the educational technologist Adam Bellow’s final keynote at the CUE15 Annual Conference a few weeks ago.

You’re going to fail from time to time. Stand up and own it. Share what you learned during the attempt. Ask for help when you try again.

When you are learning it’s to be expected that the first time around might be difficult. Own it.


I had a talk with a peer the other day about my ball cap. I got this cool tan cap at CUE.

I happened to mention that wearing the cap took me back to when, whilst in the US Navy, a ball cap was part of my work uniform. Me and that ball cap were inseparable. Except that soon after I completed my enlistment the cap turned up missing. I didn’t moan or lament its loss. I moved on.

Talking about my ball cap experience and my CUE cap my led my coworker to say that the next time I suggested or advocated a novel learning activity I slow down. He said maybe in my excitement to hurry things along I’m not giving others the chance to understand its benefits.

This was huge. And to think that if I hadn’t been talking about a lost then found ball cap our conversation wouldn’t have gone there.


So to my younger self I would say: When you fail, share what you learned and try something else. When an experience doesn’t go your way move on strong as ever.

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